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Angelic Healing Energy - Energy Therapist | Athens

Angelic Reiki is an energy therapy that promotes health and self-awareness on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The love, light and power of angels and light teachers amplify the life energy of reiki, bringing it to its highest possible point.

The goal of angelic reiki is to delve into the real causes of a problem, removing negativity and enhancing vitality and awareness in all areas of human life.

The contribution of angels, as divine archetypes of spiritual superiority and messengers of good from the creation of the world, is to guide, protect and heal man at every turn of their lives.

Angel Reiki can help:

♦ to eliminate or reduce anxiety and phobias
♦ in the management and treatment of a chronic disease / condition
♦ in the guidance and treatment of mental trauma
♦ in cutting off the influence of manipulative people or situations
♦ in healing trauma from past lives and consequently improving our current one
♦ to improve interpersonal relationships
♦ in finding our life's purpose and mission
♦ in reconnecting with our higher self and through the angels and with God himself
♦ in the experience of unconditional Divine Love



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