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Angelic Healing Energy - Energy Therapist | Athens

The combination of modern therapeutic and spiritual techniques is the key to detecting the needs of each individual which will lead to our mental peace and the right guidance.

Each human being needs an individualized approach, as each different body and spirit receives and translates emotional and physical influences in a completely different way.

It is therefore necessary to find our balance through combinations that work exclusively for each of us.

The energy therapist Ilia Livia is by your side, with the aim of making this search journey together, to find causes and answers to what concerns you and will lead to mental and physical calmness.

Complete energy-spiritual cleansing and healing through the cooperation of the pendulums with special maps of total consciousness and radiaesthesia.
A combination of various techniques to connect with our higher self, guide and address issues of the past, present and immediate future.




We are available to schedule appointments, offering phone and remote sessions to best serve you.